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Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly! Explore our sample estimate page to view estimations completed for previous clients. Our portfolio showcases diverse trade projects, encompassing residential and commercial ventures, including drywall, woodwork, metal framing and painting.

Tricon Estimating utilizes PlanSwift software to quantify material quantities from plans, and RS Means along with our databases calculate labor and material prices. Project pricing is based on the project’s zip code to ensure accuracy and competitiveness. Our constantly updated database employs the latest prices.

Certainly! We often collaborate with architects, developers, and owners during the early planning and design stages. If you have a preliminary drawing or an idea, our team can estimate construction costs, provide insights, and assist in decision-making.

Initiate the process by sending your plan and project details to Upon analysis, our estimator will provide a quote and proposed delivery date. Upon acceptance, an invoice will be sent, and work will commence upon payment.

Small revisions incur no extra charges. For significant addenda, a nominal fee may apply. Additionally, our bid-filling fee is separate.

We accept Credit/Debit Card and Bank Transfer as payment methods.

Our estimates are highly accurate, considering the project’s zip code, ensuring competitive and precise pricing.

Our processing time is remarkably swift. Medium-sized residential projects are delivered within 3 business days, while large or intricate projects may take 6-8 business days. We always communicate the estimated time frame before commencing a project. In case of urgent projects with bid dates sooner than 4 days, inform us, and we will attempt to adjust, potentially adding a small expedited fee to cover overtime on guaranteed dates.

Prices are sourced from RS Means and our Database, regularly updated throughout the year. Pricing is tailored to the project’s zip code for precise and competitive quoting.

We typically bill by the project, but if you prefer hourly rates, share your project details, and we can discuss and establish a suitable rate. Our estimation services, with potential savings of 60%, are ideal for busy contractors.

No, there is no binding contract for our clients, and monthly credit card billing is not automatic.

Costs vary based on project scope and size. Upload your plan, and we’ll promptly review and quote. Our offers are negotiable, and we encourage customers to submit plans, get a quote, and negotiate if needed.

You can send plans via email ( or through Dropbox or OneDrive. Alternatively, use the “Contact Us” page on our website to fill a form and upload plans.

While we don’t provide guarantees, we recommend thoroughly checking your estimate before submission.

We specialize in commercial and residential projects, covering renovations, new construction, high-rise buildings, apartment complexes, restaurants, mixed-use retail and residential buildings, warehouses, and more. Our services cater to general contractors, subcontractors, developers, architects, owners, lenders/banks, insurance companies, and more.

While having a plan is preferred, we can still estimate your project’s cost based on the provided quantity or sketch.

Yes, we believe in long-term relationships and offer monthly estimation packages, potentially saving you 60% on estimation costs compared to in-house charges.

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  3. Precision and Detail in Estimates: Accurate quoting for well-informed decisions.
  4. Certified Professionals: Expertise provided by certified professionals.
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  8. Global Estimation Services: Serving clients worldwide.